Disclaimer of the Corpus Vocale website

Disclaimer of the Corpus Vocale website


Find relaxation, tranquility, the basic body language back through Fine Art of Corpus Vocale. Enjoy the beauty of the pure body, the atmosphere of desolate places. Old buildings, partly by nature taken, are now the scene for the nude.

Fragile and vulnerable with their naked body they blend in with the story of their environment. The photographer, the camera, are there just to

register the serinity of this moment of silence and beauty.

Corpus Vocale®

Art Photography


Corpus Vocale started photographing as teenager and used

analogue photography, which was customary for that period.

In the late 80's, he met Greta Buysse, an art photographer from

Bruges, who strongly influenced his artistic experiences and


Thanks to her, I had a better feeling in controlling light

and shadow over a naked body and in choosing the right setting.

Therefore, Greta Buysse and her husband still remain close friends

and advisers.

For a long time, I thoroughly knew the odours of the

chemistry in the darkroom while I was developing many of my

pictures that I took with my analogue reflex camera.

But times have change and the darkroom, with all its nostalgia, made room for the digital revolution. At the beginning, I felt as many others a sense of loss in the new digital world.
Often something was missing. The reflex cameras of a superior quality of that time were extremely expensive and the impulse to take photographs was temporary simmering. It was only after I had purchased a digital reflex camera, a whole new world opened up to my again.

Where in previous years he was experimenting with landscapes and

still lifes, with which I won the first price of the Herm Photo

competition, I now focuses on models photography.

In this type of photography, I would concentrate on artistic works.

Where I first started to photograph portraits, I now focuses on

suggestive nude, covered nude or photograph nude bodies in a

fashionable/chic way.

The more humans get on the background as a person, the more he

will photograph this person as a human, in beautiful locations.
I’ll photograph the emotions without façade and the purity of the

body. More and more the combination of incoming light and

shadows on the body seem to be a challenge and fascination to

me. To bring this into practice, I had built a photography studio to

be able to work precisely.

Because of the difficulty for both photographer and models, the

models are coached for several months to attain to the right poses,

looks and facial expressions.

It is only recently that Corpus Vocale applies on searching

authentic settings that possess a soul. I had a slight preference

for working at places that are ready to be renovated or that aren't

touched by anyone for a long time. In these settings, I prefer to

work with models I knows well or models who have an artistic

feeling, such as ballerinas, dancers, musicians and people from the

theatre world. I always starts from a precise composed concept,

whereby the choice of the model and the setting are equally


In 2012, pictures were displayed on the Sony World Photography

Awards exhibition in London and on Times Square - New York. In

autumn, Corpus Vocale was nominated for the International Fine Art

Photography Awards.

In my exhibitions, you can see how models are at one with the setting

and how they find their inner peace. As spectator, you realize you

will be 'In Balance' by looking at these works.

Model and ….. photographer

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