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Art Photography

If black and white were colors?

No color is more powerful then the most extreme of them, black,

and white. And yet, even when they stand for evil and good, they

give us more than any other color could or would.

Photographing in black and white offers the possibility to fill in, to

create our own view and story. As artistic photographer seeing

through, black, and white lens, opens a new world.

Old buildings start telling their stories, nature shows itself in a

different way and nude bodies become soft and vulnerable.

Accents are moved, light becomes more important and shadows

smiles to see if it could still be caught.

A balance of light and shadow make the scene, a body becomes a shape, shows lines, gives emotions. The path for photographing

body language, emotions as part of the big puzzle with the subtile

story of the environment as a finishing touch.

Give your imagination the chance to feel, sniff, absorb the smell

and atmosphere of every artistic photo.

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Color as my emotional advisor

Looking at a photo shoot can be tricky. Where the whole concept of a photo shoot was made for black and white, sometimes color

comes as an unpredictable advisor and gives that push that was

just needed to get to the right emotion in the photo.

Sometimes desaturated, and/or blurring a bit gives a great mystic

to the whole story.
In a world of perfection where everything is sharp, fast, and perfect it is beautiful to see how a less, colorful, and less sharp photo teases your imagination and keeps you wondering ....... you have to look twice, and maybe tomorrow again, ....... you start loving the artwork.

If my artwork keeps you awake, if you visit this website often, if a photo makes you smile every morning or when it gives you rest in the evening after a hard day work, ...... then it is looking at you ......touching you.

It steals your hart as it should be, since my team as photographer,

makeup artist, location tracker and certainly the model have all

been putting their emotions in this photograph.