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Wat gebeurt er in de wereld van Corpus Vocale

Art Photographer Corpus Vocale is photographing nude models

Women goes nude at the cityhall (even the reporter goes nude)

Corpus Vocale has approuval to make nude photos at the cityhall, opposition is furious

Nude has no place at the cityhall

After approuval there started a dispute with the opposition wich is furious. However without any reason, the fine art Photography of Corpus Vocale is of a high standard and was seen on a exhibition at The Louvre (Paris) at the same time of the dispute.

A whole political dispute started concerning my work at the city hall of Damme. Alltouch it looked that none of it all was about nudity, due to little investigation, some persons didn’t know my work was at that time presented at ‘The Louvre, Paris’.

On the other hand, the oposition give permittion to take photo’s of a political member at the Chamber of Representatives, a strange point of view knowing that these picture where of a totaly diffentent kind of art.

From my point of view, politicaly pressure is ‘not done’ when it conserns Art. I want to keep my freedom of mind with the purity of the nude body.

Deputy Mayor of Damme, let poodle Naked Ladies in town house

In the context of a great new exhibition ‘Madammen in Damme’ at the City of Damme, I would work with nude models in the town hall. What has already happened earlier under the supervision of the previous mayor, it was not the oppostion there cup of thea.

August 2015:

At last, after beeing several times at New York and Miami, the doors where open to Paris.

And where at Paris, …… ‘The Louvre’ At the same time my work was included in the exhibition catalog.

‘ The watertouch ‘ goes to Times Square, New York. I’ll been there several times with great feedback.

Next time I want to be heading back to Europe, maybe Paris or Honfleur …. Who knows?

As member of kunstig Damme  a organisation who loves to present Art, Corpus Vocale helps with his know how of designing the website ‘ www.madammen-in-damme.com ‘  and presents his photography at the City Hall. The City of Damme would never be the same after this huge art event.

Currently ‘ Kunstig Damme ‘ is working at a new edition in 2016 during end of april and the beginning of may 2016.

‘ Listen with your eyes ‘ is launched. A totaly new exhibition with new styles and looks. The Artwork becomes more mature, bigger in format and the frames becomes more professional. It doesn’t take long before a picture of this exibition is nominated at a competition.